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To Keep Children Creatively Engaged, New Activities are Organized,
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smileyFancy Dress Competition of Pre-School was Refreshing,
Theme was 'Insects' and Kids' Confidence was Flourishing.




smileyCute Catties Roam and Mew All Around the Loved Ones,
While Making it Pre-Primary Daffodil Students enjoyed in tons.



smileyTo Develop Motor Skills, Paper Folding Activity was Done,
Pre-Primary Daisy Students Made House with it and had Fun.



smileyMaking Faces of Dog with the Paper Folding Activity,
Pre-Primary Lotus Children Showcasing their Creativity.



smileyEnacting Different Characters of the Favourite Story,
Pre-Primary Tulip Students building confidence and glory.




smileyPre-Primary Rose Kids are Making Flowers with Earbud Printing,
Their Imagination as well as Creativity are Further Strengthening.



smileyAnts collect and store a large amount of food for their colony,
Pre-Schoolers are Making their Anthills and are feeling Happy.



smileyFlowers Bring so much Happiness with their Scent and Beauty,
Pre-Primary Daffodil Students are at the Best of their Creativity.



smileyLittle Ones Looking Cute in Handmade Head Gears,
Pre-School Tulip Kids made Lady Bugs with their Peers.



smiley Yellow Hens are Doing Cock-A-Doodle-Do, Cock-A-Doodle-Do,
Pre-Primary Lily Students are Making with Hands, Let's have a view...



smiley Brown Girl in the Ring Tra...La...La...La...La...La
Pre-Primary Daisy Kids Activity was a gala...



smiley Role Play Competition strengthens Confidence,
   Theme given was Helpers to Pre-School Students...




smiley Playing with Clay Dough and Moulding it in Creative Things...
   Pre-Schoolers Making Different Insects and fun too it brings...




smiley The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, 
    But rather they will prefer to cure and prevent disease with nutrition…




smiley Transferring Paper Plate into Beautiful Things Enriches Creativity,

                     For Pre-Primary Students Face Mask of Bunny Rabbit was the Activity..                   




smiley Tearing Pasting Activity helps in Motor Development Skills,
    Making Butterflies with it gave Pre-School Students a thrill...




smiley Best Out of Waste Photo Frame Competition gave Creative Feel,
    Pre-Primary Children participated in it with full Zest and Zeal...




smiley Meeting friends in the school is so much fun,
   Dancing with them adds laughter in a ton...




smiley Making Colourful Flowers on the occasion of Basant Panchami,
   Pre-Primary Tulip students sending good wishes for you and me...



smiley Tasty Yummy Honey from active honeybees we all love to eat,
   Creative Hands of Pre-School Tulip Students are ready to treat...




smiley Little ones of Pre-Primary Rose are showing their creativity,

   Drawing and Colouring their imagination is the best activity...




smiley Making Beautiful Purple Lavender Flowers with Finger Printing,
   To fly higher Fledglings of Pre-School Tulip are flapping their wings...




smiley Basant Panchami fills happiness, fun and joy in the air,
    Pre-School Lotus children presenting their artistic flair...