38th Aryabhatta Inter-School Mathematics Competition 2020

Heartiest Congratulations to all for outstanding performance of students in the 38th Aryabhatta Inter-School Mathematics Competition 2020. Pratyush Ghose and Swarit of Class V have bagged overall 10th Rank, Pragnya Guliani secured 18th rank, Aditya Dey of Class V secured 21st rank, Kiara Kapoor of class V secured 28th rank, Vedant Ranjan Pati of class V secured 35th rank, Sarthak Chakraborty of class V secured 37th rank, Raghav Khanna of class V secured 38th rank, Anvesha Mandal of class V secured 50th rank, Agam Singh of class VIII secured 39th rank and Anushka Srivastava of class XI secured 36th rank. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement by our students. This is first time in the history of Indraprastha Dwarka, when any student of Indraprastha has achieved this land mark result in Aryabhatta. A proud moment indeed!


The Interact Debate 2020 was held for the Interact Clubs of Delhi-NCR
This event encouraged students in voicing their opinions and becoming aware about the Seven Areas of Focus of Rotary International.
Soumya Arora (class XII) was awarded the best interjector award and Rajashree Karakulam (class XII) as the best speaker (against) award.
This competition was organized to celebrate the World Interact Week .