Appreciation and Recognition at National Level


At Indraprastha, we do not work for recognition, but do work worthy of recognition.


The success story of Indraprastha is not just inspiring, but motivating, too. We have constantly set new bench marks of success and created newer mile stones of achievements.


Subhra Sahoo of Indraprastha, Dwarka has been declared the National Winner with the First Position at National Maths Quiz 2020-21.


We are extremely honoured to share with you that our Chairman Shri. A.S. Rana has been rightfully bestowed upon with the 'Education Icon of the Year Award 2020'.


Anvika Narang of Pre-School Daffodil of Indraprastha INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, is appreciated for performing hula hoop, by India Book of Records. She performed 305 standing hula hoops in 2 minutes and 45 seconds, at the tender age of 4 years and 3 months, as confirmed on November 17, 2020, by India Book of Records. The record will feature in India Book Records Publications wherein the title remains exclusive for each achiever.


With the CBSE board results of classes X and XII touching new vistas with each passing year, the school has consolidated its place in the Top 10 Schools of the country, in a survey conducted by the prestigious HT C-Fore.


The school has been recognized as one of the ‘Future 50 Schools Shaping Success, by the Fortune India Magazine.


The brilliant students are the proud National Winners for the IQ Challenge conducted by the Epic Channel, won a silver medal in the International Round of Mathematics Olympiad, organized by ISFO (International Society for Olympiad) held at Singapore and were SGFI and CBSE National Championships.


The school was conferred with the Spiritual and Value Education Award by Confederation of Indian Universities, for inculcating the right moral values in the children.


The school emerged as the winner of 2018 Pramerica Spirit of Community Award and Behtar India Campaign Award for exceptional initiatives in service to the community.


The National Human Rights Commission, India applauded Indraprastha’s efforts in endorsing the Human Rights Pledge.


The Indian Post and Telegraph Department released a Special Cover Envelope on April 2, 2018, the day that marked the fifteenth year of the inception of  Indraprastha.


Indraprastha INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has been honoured with the National Digital India Award for our praiseworthy performance and management excellence. 


Indraprastha’s excellence in education was recognized when we became the proud recipients of the Indian School Awards 2018.


At the Life Empowerment Awards for Schools 2017 and 2018, Indraprastha was commended for Promotion and Recognition of Holistic Development in Schools. The school received a Citation of Honour for Distinguished Excellence in the field of education.


We have been was facilitated by Education Today with India School Merit Award 2016 – 17 & 2017-18.


At the North School Merit Award 2018, organized by Education Today, Indraprastha was accepted as the Top CBSE School for Excellence in Teaching.